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– 1234kids90 –

1234kids90, ‘Dear Lord, dear Jesus, and Dear Mary: Please allow my daughter Nicole the supreme advantage of full time employment at UR. Please let her be chosen for one of the two jobs she interviewed for; she needs this financially and for her self confidence as well. Please let her fiancé keep this job and let them become independent as I know they want to be. Please allow their wedding to go well with no problems from the families. Also, please allow Mandy to do well and to graduate with no issues. Thank you for your love and guidance.’,


Priscilia B, ‘Please pray that my fiancé Stephen who turned his back on me for no reason return to me. that the love he had for me be rekindled. whatever obstacle or barrier that stands between us, let it be removed completely and far away. Let there be no one or no obstacle standing in the way of his love for me, and that his love can once again be strong just as when we met in the beginning’,

– Marci looking for a job’, –

Priscilia B, ‘I pray that my son Marci who have been seeking a job, find one ASAP. He has been desperately seeking and still cannot find one’,

– God Answer me with LOVE. –

Please reunit me with vijay today, dont waste another minute. Too much time has already passed and I have waitied patiently, please dont test me anymore. Please. I MISS HIM VERY DEARLY. . Please Holy Mother, St Jude, St teresa. I have pryaed and prayed and prayed. Answer me. Let him show up at my door and take me home with him, where I belong, as husband and wife. please. ~ mamta

– 2013 –

please pray for a successful outcome to medical consultation ~ RC

– Custody of grandchildren –

Please pray that I will get full custody of my grandchildren Jamie and Michael. That my daughter will not have power over me anymore. ~ Jeannie

– gld –

I want my boyfriend return back to me and our love will grow together forever in our life and never let go . in Jesus name I ask thee..Amen ~ sb

– Prayer for our future –

Please lord help us to move on from our past. Continue to grow in our future, protect and keep my family safe. Thank you for prayers answered. ~ PattiB

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– Harbor hill –

Urgent need of property on harbor hill to be sold, it has been for sale for approximately 18 months. We or I am in financial need ~ Marianne

– MGD/SG –

“Lord Jesus, please send your angels to protect my love relationship from evil forces intent on destroying it. Please protect my partner and me from evil influences and from being at each other throats.
Lord Jesus send your Holy Spirit to guide us and to let this love relationship be one that would culminate in us being married to each other.” ~ Mary

– RC for Kirby –

May Kirby Remain and become stronger with her family. ~ RC

– prayer for the family –

Intact, happy, Catholic family, fulfilling and nurturing married life& guard us both from all kinds of temptations and dangers, continuous scholarship for our 3 kids, many more years my for old-age mother, safety for my brothers and sisters who are far from me, successful financial endeavors of my husband within the month, peace for our country, more and realistic government services especially to the poor, good governance of our President and his cabinet. In the name of Jesus, we lift these petition to you, Lord. Thank you,God. Thank you to the Blessed Mother Mary. Amen. ~ fjs

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– Baby Daniel Seamas and Mommy Ann –

Lord Jesus, please lay your gentle hand over baby Daniel and his Mommy. Cover them and protect them from anything but your healing, love and light. We know and believe, Lord, that in you ALL THINGS are possible… fill this child with strength, goodness and grace, and hold him up in your mercy to walk in your way! Thank you, Lord, for hearing and answering us. In your name, we say Amen. ~ Peigi

– Derek –

I pray that derek will be successful in his rehab, that he will allow God to enter his life and that he and Jillian find a way to a happy life ~ cg

– For Healing for us all –

I light this candle as a prayer healing request for Jay he is going in to the hosiptal today to have is tumor out he has bladder cancer and a bad heart he needs healing Lord.,And healing for my husband and I for good health and for our marriage to grow more in the Lord and healing for my sister and I we do not get along we have issues. And healing for the rest of our families and friends I put this all in your hands Lord I love you…Healing for all the candles lit on this site for the people that lit for good health. ~ Gretchen

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– Vishal –

Heavenly Father, Please help my son, Vishal, to overcome his social anxiety disorders and his OCD. Remove all the obstacles in his way so that he may find peace and happiness he so desperately needs. Hold him in your loving arms and guide him unto the right path as he has been walking the wrong path for so long. Please make him feel whole again, help him to love and believe in himself. Help him to feel worthy of himself. Please help him to find a meaningful relationship so that he may feel loved (he thinks girls won’t like him because he’s short). Give my Vishal the strength, courage, the will power and determination to stop abusing alcohol, smoking and the use of marijuana in order to cope with any anxieties and stresses he feels. Wrap your loving arms around him dear Lord and keep him safe always, help him to never give up on life, help him to reach out to you when he’s alone and scared, help him to unburden his problems unto you. Give him your hand and help pull him out of the dark hole he’s been living in for so long. Show him the many reasons he would want to live for and help him to never give up on life. Please help me pray that my son changes his life really soon and that he finds everlasting peace and happiness. Help him to be confident in himself, and to love and believe in himself. Give him the motivation, courage and strength to set goals and have dreams for himself. Thanks in advance for all the prayers that’s needed so desperately ~ GS

– Father in heaven protect me –

Father in heaven you have been there for me when I am in need. I am thankful for all your blessings. I pray for you to protect me from mine enemies Amen ~ MPN

– Genny –

Kindly pray that God will bring back the joint in its position.” ~ WENDELL HENDRICKS

– carolyn and family –

please pray for barry to stop drinking val and kathryn to be healed also from drugs and val to get a job. for my health female problems to be healed also a healing in the family husband albert and grandson chris brooke and brandon. ~ cc

– tis –

to get a good carrier for my daughters.to remove all obstacles in our life. ~ jose paul

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– Rc’s prayer for Kirby –

Please God let Kirby continue to bless her family and be present here for some time to come. Amen ~ Rc

– cookie –

my thoughts are with your family on this day of sadness ~ magpielyn

– candle for sue meyer’s –

sending my prayers to the family for sue meyer i am a friend of hers form spades ~ sharon nimz



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